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Earthworm vermicompost is the natural product yielded by garden worms. Also called castings, its nutrient rich and provides excellent food for your plants. How to deal with vermicompost issues to ensure healthy worms and rapid break down of your waste. 



Worm bin are simple to make, but a few vermicomposting problems arise as a direct result of an incorrectly built bin. For example, if there are not enough holes, the interior will be too moist and the food scraps will rot. Drainage will also be inadequate and the worms could drown. The choice of bedding is also important to avoid problems with the delicate balance of the environment. There does need to be slight moisture and a moderate pH level. Paper and loose bedding, like shredded cardboard, tend to dry out too quickly. Peat moss has a low pH level that is not good for worm health. Outdoor earthworm vermicomposting relies upon the ability of the worms to move to suitable locations. Containerized vermicomposting relies upon you to provide the ideal habitat. These Earthworms suppliers in India are very rare to find. But no problem, Boomsindia is a unique platform for all your queries. Here the suppliers meet the supplier and they create an uninterrupted bonding. The Earthworms suppliers in India are more related to their work, and basically they are our future prospective.


Vermicomposting problems are easy to avoid when you keep a constant temperature, moisture level and use the right kinds of food scraps.


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